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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Matzke Park

Cypress (Northwest Houston), TX - Matzke Park at the corner of Jones Road and Grant has been remodeled and is really nice. We live about 15 minutes from this park, so it was a little by accident that we found it while traveling from the Willowbrook area towards our home. Anyway, worth the trip.

The park is literally on the corner. On Jones Road it is located next to the elementary school, Matzke Elementary. On Grant Road it is on a new cross street, but I didn't catch the name of it. The new cross street appears to connect Grant and Mills Road but I am not sure. I didn't drive it. The website says the park has restrooms. I am guessing it is by this new road are the restrooms. It has a walking path from the soccer fields to the playground, but in the Houston heat and with a small child, I chose to park at the elementary next to the playground.

A little about the layout, the park is a good size with soccer fields at one end and the playground at the other. Next to the playground is the butterfly garden, picnic tables and one water fountain. It is a healthy walk for children to take the walking path over to the restrooms on the other side of the soccer fields on the other side of the park. The website says that restrooms are planned for closer to the playground. If that becomes true, then this will be an excellent spot for picnics and play.

The playground is awesome and appears to be accessible for children in wheel chairs. My kids thought the wheel with letters and numbers in braille was cool. They also enjoyed banging on the chimes. The playground had places to climb, slide, bounce and run, and plenty of space for the 5 year old to explore and the 10 year olds to run.

The butterfly garden actually had butterflies. The flowers were beautiful and the kids loved the butterflies. There was plenty of benches and plenty of shade throughout both the garden and the playground area.

We recommend this park for picnics and play.

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